Dattilo is a brand name of I&D and has been on the market since 1881 supplying the GDO, Wholesale and Retail sectors. Dattilo is sold in elegant and refined packets which carry our name – synonymous with a guaranty of quality. The transparent packets are indicative of a high-quality product.

Shelled Almonds

Shelled almonds sealed in bags to maintain their nutritional properties. Ready to make your recipes more tasty and interesting.

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Shelled Walnuts extra gold

Shelled walnuts ready to be enjoyed at any time of day.

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Sliced Almonds

Tasty and fragrant almond petals, ready to be used in the kitchen.

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Special jumbo-sized Walnuts

Large, jumbo-sized walnuts of the very popular Hartley variety. They are characterized by a fairly hard shell, light-colored and flavorsome fruit. Ideal for cooking and eating as a snack.

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Stoned dried Prunes

Stoned prunes ready for breakfast or snacks. They are rich in nutritional properties, do not contain preservatives and are useful in the kitchen for both sweet and savory recipes.

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Sultanas is a sweet, seedless dried fruit. Known also as dried grapes, it is a natural, sweet snack. Ideal for adding to biscuits, cakes and sweets in general.

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Toasted jumbo Chick-peas

Toasted chick-peas are an excellent, all-round food from every point of view. Very pleasing to the taste, they are ready to be eaten as a substantial snack and can be kept for long periods, even in Summer temperatures.

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Toasted peanuts in their shells

The famous “American Peanuts”, a real bonus for our health.

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Toasted Shelled Hazelnuts

Toasted, shelled hazelnuts are an indispensable ingredient for high-quality cakes. They are also a healthy snack to nibble with friends over a good cocktail.

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