Allegri Snack is a brand name that belongs to I&D and is aimed at the retail sector: GDO, Wholesale and Retail. It’s on the market with two product lines: classic and savory. Tasty, savory snacks, in various original shapes, all in packets that are so original and fun that you will not be able to resist opening them to see what’s inside. Come and discover our line of irresistible products!

Cheesy snacks

Square-bottomed packet, 90gms., Cod.1253, Card display stand.

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Paprika French Fries

Square-bottomed packet, 75gms., Cod.1252, Card display stand.

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Mixed carton

5 packets of Corn cones 

5 packets of Mexicanos 

5 packets of Pepitas

Cod. 1161/N

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Smilies Tasty peanut

An original, slightly spicy peanut recipe that works like a “matrioska”. We close a toasted, salted peanut in a crispy shell that, when bitten, releases wonderful flavors and sounds! A cool snack for a sparkling aperitif.

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Giant salted peanuts

Allegri snack giant salted peanuts.

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Salted peanuts 250g

Allegri snack salted peanuts 250g.

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Salted Peanuts 200g

Peanuts, the undisputed queen of parties and aperitifs, are loved for their flavor and crispiness which goes perfectly with any type of drink. They are toasted and salted and are a great snack to nibble on any occasion. They’re so good that you can’t stop eating them!

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Giant Spicy Corn

Because of their particular flavor, this giant, toasted, salted corn is a classic for aperitifs. It makes every moment spent sipping a drink in company, a pleasure. Ideal for nibbling with a cold beer.

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Fun, spicy, tasty corn discs, Mexicanos are ideal for parties or simply a snack during the course of the day. Try serving them with dips or with cherry tomatoes and treat your friends to an alternative and cool snack.

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