Peppers Cream
From the slightly spicy taste, this cream can embellish a slice of bread and to be an excellent condiment for pasta or a bold accompaniment to cheeses. View Descriprion
Porcinis Cream

Dressing concentrated porcini mushrooms, with a strong flavor, it recommended to enrich pasta and meat dishes.

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Green Olives Cream

The green olive paste, delicately fruity taste, is suitable as a sauce for pasta or as a topping for toast and sandwiches.

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Walnuts Cream

Consistent walnut cream with a delicate and pleasant taste, spread on a slice of bread or pasta.

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Dried Tomatoes Cream

The sauce of dried tomatoes is a jolly in the kitchen that can be used to give a Mediterranean touch to bruschetta or pasta

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Artichokes Cream

Delicate and velvety cream, easy to spread, ideal as a topping for bruschetta.

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